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State of European Tech

Create the online home for the deepest data-led investigation into the European tech ecosystem

My part in the story

A Studio Lovelock project, working with fellow Comrade, Mike Allanson, on developing a CMS-driven static site to showcase analysis and data from the 2017 iteration of Atomico's annual European tech industry report.

The first task was to prototype a chart builder to take raw graph data from spreadsheets and output charts rendered with Highcharts charting JavaScript library. The chart builder was then integrated into a Wagtail CMS, which employed Wagtail's 'streamfield' freeform content system to give the client the flexibility they needed to create the wide-ranging articles. A Django Rest Framework API was then created to expose the article content, including the charts, to a custom GatsbyJS plugin.

An additional feature of the site gave the users the ability to generate a custom PDF download with just the content they were interested in. For this, an AWS Lambda function was developed in python. The function took arbitrary combinations of articles, pulling the individual PDFs from S3 and combining them into a single PDF for download.

The facts