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Matt CollinsWeb Developer

TeamGB Live

Provide a one stop shop for real time information on all the TeamGB competitors and their events during London 2012. Somewhere for TeamGB fans to follow their favourite sports or athletes throughout the two weeks of world class competition.

The challenges

  • Work with a third party to leverage their data sets to provide a custom API for both web and mobile applications.
  • Grasp the sheer scale of the data and the intricacies and nuances of all of the 39 different sports, their scoring system.
  • Design and build a resilient backend able to handle thousands of concurrent users.
  • Build an intuitive web application to live on throughout the games.

My part in the story

I was tasked with developing both a real time searchable API backend and bringing to life a customisable web application to provide schedules for any TeamGB athlete or team at London 2012. The data providers API was only exposed to our team at a late stage so the main challenge was to make it fit into our user experience and application design. I used NodeJS to write an API that acted as a proxy to combine multiple calls to the data provider into one single call for our front-end applications.

On the front-end I worked with BackboneJS to build html that updated with changes in data models. I also used local storage to allow users to save custom tabs, which they can create to follow their favourite games or sports.

The facts

  • Client British Olympic Association
  • Agency Pirata
  • Technologies JavaScript, BackboneJS, NodeJS, Local Storage