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Matt Collinsdeveloper & technical lead

Build an online platform where people can find and develop their potential.

The challenges

  • Implement psychometric tests as interactive
  • Build a user system with Facebook, Twitter and Google integration

My part in the story

Collaborating with Mike Allanson to launch an online platform where people can undertake psychometric tests and view video content to discover their potential and build on strengths. I worked predominantly on the backend, building a user and tests system. We had to work with a Psychometrician to transform the tests into interactive online applications. Using the Backbone JavaScript framework I built the first of the tests as a single page application. A content and user management system was built with CakePHP, which included test result exporting for analysis. We leveraged Grunt’s handy build system for asset compilation as well as site deployment across multiple environments.

The facts

  • Client
  • Technologies PHP, CakePHP, JavaScript, Backbone, Grunt
  • URL